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auth0 terraform generate

(Experimental) This command is designed to streamline the process of generating Terraform configuration files for your Auth0 resources, serving as a bridge between the two.

It automatically scans your Auth0 Tenant and compiles a set of Terraform configuration files (HCL) based on the existing resources and configurations.

Refer to the instructional guide for specific details on how to use this command.

Warning: This command is experimental and is subject to change in future versions.


auth0 terraform generate [flags]


  auth0 tf generate
  auth0 tf generate -o tmp-auth0-tf
  auth0 tf generate -o tmp-auth0-tf -r auth0_client
  auth0 tf generate --output-dir tmp-auth0-tf --resources auth0_action,auth0_tenant,auth0_client 


      --force               Skip confirmation.
  -o, --output-dir string   Output directory for the generated Terraform config files. If not provided, the files will be saved in the current working directory. (default "./")
  -r, --resources strings   Resource types to generate Terraform config for. If not provided, config files for all available resources will be generated. (default [auth0_action,auth0_attack_protection,auth0_branding,auth0_client,auth0_client_grant,auth0_connection,auth0_custom_domain,auth0_email_provider,auth0_guardian,auth0_organization,auth0_pages,auth0_prompt,auth0_prompt_custom_text,auth0_resource_server,auth0_role,auth0_tenant,auth0_trigger_actions])

Inherited Flags

      --debug           Enable debug mode.
      --no-color        Disable colors.
      --no-input        Disable interactivity.
      --tenant string   Specific tenant to use.