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auth0 apps list

List your existing applications. To create one, run: auth0 apps create.


auth0 apps list [flags]


  auth0 apps list
  auth0 apps ls
  auth0 apps list --reveal-secrets
  auth0 apps list --reveal-secrets --number 100
  auth0 apps ls -r -n 100 --json
  auth0 apps ls --csv


      --csv              Output in csv format.
      --json             Output in json format.
  -n, --number int       Number of apps to retrieve. Minimum 1, maximum 1000. (default 100)
  -r, --reveal-secrets   Display the application secrets ('signing_keys', 'client_secret') as part of the command output.

Inherited Flags

      --debug           Enable debug mode.
      --no-color        Disable colors.
      --no-input        Disable interactivity.
      --tenant string   Specific tenant to use.