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auth0 api

Makes an authenticated HTTP request to the Auth0 Management API and returns the response as JSON.

Method argument is optional, defaults to GET for requests without data and POST for requests with data.

Additional scopes may need to be requested during authentication step via the --scopes flag. For example: auth0 login --scopes read:client_grants.


auth0 api <method> <url-path> [flags]


  auth0 api get "tenants/settings"
  auth0 api "stats/daily" -q "from=20221101" -q "to=20221118"
  auth0 api delete "actions/actions/<action-id>" --force
  auth0 api clients --data "{\"name\":\"ssoTest\",\"app_type\":\"sso_integration\"}"
  cat data.json | auth0 api post clients


  -d, --data string            JSON data payload to send with the request. Data can be piped in as well instead of using this flag.
      --force                  Skip confirmation when using the delete method.
  -q, --query stringToString   Query params to send with the request. (default [])

Inherited Flags

      --debug           Enable debug mode.
      --no-color        Disable colors.
      --no-input        Disable interactivity.
      --tenant string   Specific tenant to use.