Interface NextConfig


  • Pick<BaseConfig, "identityClaimFilter">
    • NextConfig


identityClaimFilter: string[]

Array value of claims to remove from the ID token before storing the cookie session. Defaults to ['aud', 'iss', 'iat', 'exp', 'nbf', 'nonce', 'azp', 'auth_time', 's_hash', 'at_hash', 'c_hash']. You can also use the AUTH0_IDENTITY_CLAIM_FILTER environment variable.

organization?: string

Log users in to a specific organization.

This will specify an organization parameter in your user's login request and will add a step to validate the org_id claim in your user's ID token.

If your app supports multiple organizations, you should take a look at AuthorizationParams.organization.

routes: {
    callback: string;
    login: string;
    unauthorized: string;

Type declaration

  • callback: string
  • login: string
  • unauthorized: string
session: Pick<SessionConfig, "storeIDToken">