Interface Auth0PluginOptions

Additional Configuration for the Auth0 Vue plugin

interface Auth0PluginOptions {
    errorPath?: string;
    skipRedirectCallback?: boolean;


errorPath?: string

Path in your application to redirect to when the Authorization server returns an error. Defaults to /

skipRedirectCallback?: boolean

By default, if the page URL has code and state parameters, the SDK will assume it should handle it and attempt to exchange the code for a token.

In situations where you are combining our SDK with other libraries that use the same code and state parameters, you will need to ensure our SDK can differentiate between requests it should and should not handle.

In these cases you can instruct the client to ignore certain URLs by setting skipRedirectCallback.

createAuth0({}, {
skipRedirectCallback: window.location.pathname === '/other-callback'

Note: In the above example, /other-callback is an existing route, with a code (or error in case when something went wrong) and state, that will be handled by any other SDK.