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Configuration parameters used for the application session.


  • SessionConfigParams



Optional absoluteDuration

absoluteDuration: boolean | number

Integer value, in seconds, for application absolute rolling duration. The amount of time after the user has logged in that they will be logged out. Set this to false if you don't want an absolute duration on your session. Default is 604800 seconds (7 days).

Optional cookie

Configuration parameters used for the session cookie and transient cookies.

Optional genid

genid: (req: OpenidRequest) => string

A Function for generating a session id when using a custom session store. For full details see the documentation for express-session at genid. If encrypted cookie storage is used or no value is provided, a default implementation is used. Be aware the default implmentation is slightly different in this library as compared to the default session id generation used express-session.

Type declaration

Optional name

name: string

String value for the cookie name used for the internal session. This value must only include letters, numbers, and underscores. Default is appSession.

Optional rolling

rolling: boolean

If you want your session duration to be rolling, eg reset everytime the user is active on your site, set this to a true. If you want the session duration to be absolute, where the user is logged out a fixed time after login, regardless of activity, set this to false Default is true.

Optional rollingDuration

rollingDuration: number

Integer value, in seconds, for application session rolling duration. The amount of time for which the user must be idle for then to be logged out. Default is 86400 seconds (1 day).

Optional store

By default the session is stored in an encrypted cookie. But when the session gets too large it can bump up against the limits of cookie storage. In these instances you can use a custom session store. The store should have get, set and destroy methods, making it compatible with express-session stores.