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Using Scopes

By default the Auth0 OIDC Client will request the openid, profile, and email scopes. You can request different scopes by setting the @Auth0.OidcClient.Auth0ClientOptions.Scope property of the @Auth0.OidcClient.Auth0ClientOptions passed to the @Auth0.OidcClient constructor however openid is always included.

Depending on the scope which was request the id_token will contain a different set of claims.

By default loadProfile will be set to true which means the UserInfo endpoint will be called during the authorization flow. To ensure the User object contain only the claims requested in the scope, be sure to also set LoadProfile to false, e.g:

var client = new Auth0Client(new Auth0ClientOptions
    Domain = "YOUR_AUTH0_DOMAIN",
    ClientId = "YOUR_AUTH0_CLIENT_ID",
    Scope = "openid name",
    LoadProfile = false

For more information you can read the Auth0 Scopes documentation